New European Truck map and GO7000

Oct 23, 2012
TomTom Model(s)

I purchasedd the GO7000 way back when it came out, it has been an excellent piece of kit and has only let me down once in all that time.

I realised my map was out of date and went to update it, which TomTom wouldn't do. So, I paid out over £100 to have the brand new Euro Truck map.

After download the GO7000 reports that the new map has no truck data, so is essentially useless. Therein I began a process of tracking down TomTom support.

Eventually I was told they would get back to me after I had supplied screen shots of all the files that had been installed. However, they are persuing an attitude of 'not their problem' although I see it as very much their problem as the unit worked fine until the download.

There was a mumbled response of 'user certificate is invalid' but no explanation.

Has anyone else had this problem, or know the cure?

Cheers, but that is the path I am on currently with no success.

However, I have just done a file compare between the downloaded files and the loaded files on the 7000. Noticed the .toc file wasn't loaded so copied it over. It may be nothing but the 'map has no truck data' didnt show on reboot. Will know later when I'm driving.
The three files that you should expect to find in the map folder will be the ones ending in *.meta, *.meta.dct, and *.pna. The *.toc file is used only during map installation, and is not copied to the device.

TT have now sent me a whole load of files and certs but no instructions, so I shall wait till tomorrow and hopefully get their tech to walk me through it. I thought it would be a simple transfer/replace but it's not.

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