Does the RDS Traffic info get used to plan a route

Dec 24, 2007
I just installed the RDS traffic receiver and it successfully connected to the local station (I have a 720). I know it can show delays but there's precious little information about what I should expect to happen. Is the information used to plan a route ? I hoped it would tell me which route to take home when there may be a delay using a certain highway but the manual says very little on the subject, other than to tell me I might see a few icon's on the traffic info bar. What all can I expect from this thing ? (sorry, I know it's a newbie question).

While the traffic receiver is active go to TomTom Traffic on the main menu. There you will see a number of things that can be done. Also note there are two pages to that menu.

Have you looked at the full user manual available for download in the support area on TomTom's site, or just the little one that came with your unit? There's pretty much info on traffic in the manual - see pages 72-87
Under the Traffics Preference, you can choose to have it automatically re-route when it gets traffic info or not.

You can also manually do it by going to Find Alternative then Minimise Traffic Delays.

Depending on the delay, it may or may not re-route (i.e. your current route may still be faster even with the delay)

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