Does a new purchase of app on iphone4S already include traffic?

Aug 29, 2012

I'm thinking about buying the TomTom app for iphone 4S.

I haven't had any previous versions so will be a new purchase of the latest version which has the current price of £49.99

I need to find out if a subscription to the HD traffic is included in the initial purchase or once I've bought the app for £49.99 I then have to make an addition in-app purchase of £26.99 for HD traffic.

I've tried a lot of searches but can't find any 100% accurate info.

If this is going to cost me £76.98 for the app and traffic, I might as well pay a bit extra and get a sat nav unit.

Hope someone here can let me know about the above.

Thanks for any help and advice offered,

They are separate purchases - you can run the app without traffic quite satisfactorily.

For me, the convenience of having TT on my iPhone, rather than having an additional fairly bulky unit to carry with me, makes the app plus traffic a good purchase. The iPhone app will also navigate to your contacts, and to addresses found on the Internet, eg pubs and restaurants.

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