Delayed satellite detection

Dec 28, 2011
Hi. I have an XL which works fine when it works. But since recent updates, the device takes forever - if ever - to detect available satellites. The other day I programmed the XL and it did the normally good job of planning a route. But when put into service in the car, it took some 15 minutes to detect satellites and begin normal operation. No question of signal blockage due to obstructions. Other times it works fast. Any experiences or suggestions? Many thanks.
When you say updates, are you talking about a map update or the gpsfix update. TomTom periodically issues very small gpsfix updates that are intended to correct for satellite drift and tell your unit where to start looking.
Hello Moderator. My Tom Tom program is set for automatic updates, so when I connect the XL to the program it automatically updates. Usually, these updates are for maps. It's possible that other things are updates, but I don't really know, since as I say, the procedure is automatic and Tom Tom takes over.
If you can hook it up to a PC, would recommend you delete the contents of the folder called 'ephem'. DO NOT delete the folder itself, just the contents. Then allow Home to update the device again with fresh satellite data.
Canderson et al,

I don't feel comfortable doing serious surgery on the XL just prior to using it for a major trip. But in the meantime, I may have found the problem: I was perhaps not giving the XL enough time to boot up. I started cold a couple of times now, but waited a couple of minutes before activating the route planner. When I did that, everything worked just fine. Patience seems to be the answer to the problem. :)
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