Computer Voice spells words out instead of speaking them and phonebook records...

Dec 16, 2009
...bizarre alphanumeric strings rather than the names that go along with the phone numbers.

(Sorry, lengthy title)

In a nutshell, bought a TT GO550 Live on Monday, have connected to the TomTom Home site, downloaded, etc. Paired my Motorola RAZR V3, shared the phonebook and all that.

However, the following problems exist:

1) On voice command, the voice "spells" the words being spoken rather than reading entire words.

2) In my phonebook, the numbers are recorded against strange lengthy alphanumeric strings which mean absolutely nothing to me and thus I can't use them.

How can I fix these problems, gurus? I have already deleted and reloaded the Application, which didn't help at all. Have performed a reset, made a manual backup, and run a disk error check, which says all is well.

Wish I could get my low tech built-in satnave working again or fix this high tech one!!!!!

They don't sell x50's in the US so I can't help you on your first question. I've seen my 720 spell out road signs if the map had a space between each character, but never all words.

Regarding the phonebook, perhaps Tomtom uses the same contacts.txt file that the x40 uses. If so, see this link about manually editing the phonebook file.
Have you added a load of POI files since purchasing the device, I have never had my 950 spell out words so I am just wondering if you have added anything that might tax the processor.
Also have you used the TomTom Home application to check for updates to the application or used Latest Map Guarantee to update the map to the latest version yet? - Mike
I just noticed here that one fix in app 9.025 is that it no longer spells text in voice command mode.

So it sounds like Tomtom fixed this problem.

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