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Oct 6, 2008
New Berlin, WI
TomTom Model(s)
I have used Susan as my computer voice for several years now. After having to use the reset button to get my TT720 to turn on, Susan is no longer available as a voice option. The 3 non-computer voices are available but not the one computer voice installed. When I go to "Manage My Go" Susan is shown as installed on my internal memory. What I did then is delete Susan from my internal memory and reinstalled her from the web site. Still Susan does not appear as an option to be used. It does again show as being installed on the internal memory. How do I get Susan back?

If anyone would like to suggest a solution to having to use the reset button in order to get my TT720 to start up, I would also greatly appreciate that. This happens about one in six starts.



Well, that's my first suggestion........use the reset hole on the device and see if things are any better.

Second would be to restore a backup of your device (you do have one, right? ... and hopefully made with Explorer, not Home).


Try all the steps in the FAQs /Essentials/ Old-style TomTom Acting Up? - Part 1 - First Steps In System Recovery and

FAQs /Essentials/ Old-style TomTom Acting Up? - Part 2 - How To reinstall *fresh* Software using Home

Try each of the steps in order, until it works again

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