Cant get updates from MyDrive Connect on my TomTom Start 60

Jul 29, 2010
Up until about a month ago I used to update my TomTom Start 60 using the MyDrive Connect webpage on my Dell laptop.

My laptop has broken down so I swapped over to using my wifes Macbook Pro to get my updates. Mydrive installed on the Macbook Pro no problem. For about a month everything was working normally and I got several updates loaded with no problems.

Currently MyDrive is telling me there are two new updates ready for my Start 60.

Now, when I connect my TomTom Start 60 to the Macbook Pro, I get the MyDrive webpage log in, I successfully log in, but when I select updates the system just sits there with the little "wait" ring icon motioning round and round - and nothing updates ? . . . it just sits there for hours ?

The Macbook Pro is a newish i7 with loads of disk space running OS X 10.9.5 I don’t have any other problem issues with either the Start 60 or the Macbook Pro – both are working fine in every other respect.

Any advice on a fix very much appreciated ?
Rather than attempting to just install, there's an option to view the updates prior to installation. What kinds of updates are being offered?
The updates on offer are the usual ones I get:-
Map Share Community Map Updates & QuickGPSfix updates.
What happens if you select ONLY the QuickGPSfix for installation (actually, DEselect the Map Share). Does the QuickGPSFix install correctly if done separately?
I cant even get that far now. As soon as I log in I get the Mydrive page and the wait ring is already going round and round. No options work, I cant even select log out.
Went round to a friends house and plugged my Start60 into his laptop. I was able to log in to my Mydrive acount and update normally.
I am having exactly the same problem as Nostromo, but am using an ordinary Windows notebook. I just get a turning circle.
I even selected the option to download the updates to my notebook first. The download worked fine, but the installation simply won't start.
Any advice?
Have you tried a different browser? A different port? In the desktop's settings, try Unchecking 'Cache large objects'
Ok, it worked now with IE (instead of Chrome). Thanks for that hint!
By the way: Unchecking or checking any settings is not possible, when there is an update in progress. So, if the update gets stuck, you can't do anything anymore.

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