Tom Tom One Revison 2 (z1230) cant connect to TT Home

Dec 14, 2017
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Tom Tom One v2
Hi, just bought a TT One (z1230) I've installed TT Home on a PC I have full admin rights but the PC does not detect the Tom Tom at all. Once it showed on the TT screen that to 'connect to a computer I needed to go to Tom Tom website / get started' but otherwise nothing on PC or TT.

I've been into device manager and its not seeing the TT as a disk drive (have done a scan, nothing)
Also been into Computer Mgmt and Disk Drives and nothing showing. There are two unnamed volumes :
300mb Healthy status (Recovery Partition)
512MB Healthy (EFI System Partition)

But both are present if I remove the TT and I think they are system areas.

Devices maps are from 2012 and I want to update the device - any help gratefully received.


Connecting an old TT ONE to the PC with a functional data cable should always cause it to show up as an external drive, much like a thumb drive.
Apart from a cable issue, it gets difficult to resolve.
Obviously, try a full reset of the device while it's connected to the PC.
Would help to know which of the many ONE models you have. Could you please provide the first two characters of the device's serial number? Your 512MB partition may be your device. Some 'regional' models sold in the UK only had 512MB of memory (just enough to handle the UK maps) back in the day.

And a word - which may make all of this moot - TT has stopped supporting the devices with really small memory for new maps. They've added so much new geometry that it's beyond their ability to fit it all onto the little devices now. That said, they may still supply the last map from earlier this year.
While TT will be producing no NEW maps for these devices, isn't it still possible to update to the last production map for them? The OP talks about being back in 2012 with his device, so even picking up the last production map from late 2016 or early 2017 would be helpful.
Don't think that is going to be possible either. In fact, a second wave of older devices is to be included (including some Nav 3 devices) in early January. No more maps or other services. See this list:

TD TomTom GO 1000
SF TomTom GO 1005 / GO 2050
JB TomTom GO 630
M5 TomTom GO 700
M6 TomTom GO 720
J4 TomTom GO 730
WR TomTom GO 740 LIVE
WL TomTom GO 740 LIVE
W7 TomTom GO 750
W4 TomTom GO 750 LIVE
DC TomTom GO I90
TB TomTom GO LIVE 1000
SB TomTom GO LIVE 1005
FT TomTom GO LIVE 820
FY TomTom GO LIVE 825
PM TomTom ONE 140
PC TomTom ONE 30 Series
PF TomTom ONE 30 Series
PI TomTom ONE 30 Series
PL TomTom ONE 30 Series
PO TomTom ONE 30 Series
PQ TomTom ONE 30 Series
P1 TomTom ONE IQ Routes
PS TomTom ONE IQ Routes
P2 TomTom ONE IQ Routes
PU TomTom ONE IQ Routes
XB TomTom Start
XD TomTom Start
XF TomTom Start ² / Start Classic
XH TomTom Start ² / Start Classic
XN TomTom Start ² / Start Classic
XM TomTom Start ² / Start Classic
AO TomTom Start 20
BK TomTom Start 25
GT TomTom START 40 (2012)
GU TomTom START 50 (2012)
WM TomTom Start 60 / Via 620 (2012)
AG TomTom Via 110
AN TomTom Via 120
AU TomTom Via 120
AV TomTom Via 130 / 135
AQ TomTom Via 220
FM TomTom Via LIVE 120
RC TomTom XL 30 Series
RI TomTom XL 30 Series
RN TomTom XL 30 Series
RV TomTom XL 30 Series
R4 TomTom XL 340
GK TomTom XL 350
RS TomTom XL IQ Routes
RU TomTom XL IQ Routes
GJ TomTom XL IQ Routes ² / XL Classic
GI TomTom XL IQ Routes ² / XL Classic
GP TomTom XL IQ Routes ² / XL Classic
R1 TomTom XL LIVE IQ Routes
R2 TomTom XL LIVE IQ Routes
RW TomTom XXL IQ Routes / XXL Classic
RX TomTom XXL IQ Routes / XXL Classic
RY TomTom XXL IQ Routes / XXL Classic
GL TomTom XXL IQ Routes / XXL Classic
GQ TomTom XXL IQ Routes / XXL Classic


I was just wondering if they were still making available the last available production map that they had from about a year ago. Would have been nice to continue that for a little while longer. Certainly doesn't occupy much server space!


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