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Sep 6, 2016
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XL Routes IQ
I am so fed up, I have spent hours over the last 2 weeks trying to update the map on my IQ Routes XL and after spending approximately 4 hours over approximately 7 phone calls to Tom Tom tech support it still won't update and has mucked up my device - before I purchased my map update my Tom Tom was working perfectly - now it doesn't work all and the tech support keep on saying to do the same thing over and over and I can't make them understand, its so frustrating!
So I will replace the device - all in all it has not only cost me the price of map updates I purchased but the cost of a new device too - it certainly won't be a Tom Tom!
I did yes... but being a dopey female, I listened to the tech support who told me to delete it off my PC as it was stopping the new map update from downloading - so I deleted it :mad:

Every time I phone them they tell me to try the same things over and over - I can't make them understand I have already tried those things and they don't work - I have spent hours on the phone to them :(

It was version 8xx - now they are on version 9xx and that is all I have on my PC - my device is old, it says when I try to load it that the new map is too big so I have to make a selection so I select Southern Europe - it gets half way though the install then kicks out :( At least I had a map I could use even if it was old - now I don't even have an old one - wish I hadn't bought the map

Any suggestions gratefully received please? :oops::)
I do not know about your model but when I installed a new map the last time, the HOME program on the PC forced me to update the version several times.

What exactly is the version number on your device?
Others may know if that is the latest needed for your XL Routes IQ.
It sounds like you're asking about the latest firmware version on her device.

Yes, as more and more detail is added to these maps, they grow in size, and it has become necessary for owners of smaller memory devices without uSD card slots to select from portions of the original map. Your 7 year old unit (these were released in 2009) may have as little as 1GB of storage, or as much as 2GB depending upon the exact model, and is now two generations back in the design of TT units.

Whatever the issue, we can probably help you to bring it back to life here. I assume that Home is still trying to offer you the new map that you purchased for your unit?
Well can I just say thank you - you guys are far far more helpful than Tom Tom tech support and I really appreciate your help and advice :D:D

Shame the company that takes our money for products we can't use are not a s keen to assist!

My Home is v 2.9.91 and the new map update is 975 - does that help, not really sure what you are asking me for - sorry ;) ?
Arno was asking what version of the 'application' was on your unit at the moment. We'll get that in a moment.
But apart from that, lots of questions that will help us understand where you are at this point:

When you hook up your unit to your PC, is it recognized by your PC?
If so, is Home firing up automatically, or are you needing to run Home manually?
Assuming you are successfully getting connected and Home sees your device, do the following with Home:

1) Hit the right blue arrow
2) Select "Manage my XL" (or whatever similar phrase it uses for your model)
3) First tab should be automatically selected, "Items on device"
4) Hit the + to the left of 'Applications'. Select "More info..." and tell us what it says for "Version:"
5) Hit "Back"
6) Hit the + to the left of "Maps". Select "More info..." for any maps shown, and tell us what this/these say for "Version"

Now, minimize Home (don't shut it down, just minimize it to get it out of your way)

7) Using your PC, find your TomTom in the list of devices (using My Computer or Finder -- we don't know your PC type)
8) If a PC, right click on your TomTom and select "Properties". Please identify the amount of space used and the amount remaining.

Now, back with Home, click on the little blue up-arrow in the far lower right corner of the Home screen to properly disconnect your TomTom. Go ahead and pull the cable, too.

Next, tell us what happens when you turn the device off and then on when it is not connect to your PC?

Thanks again for your reply

Home recognises the device and all seems fine there
The application for car and motor navigation on the device is version is 9.510 13.2mb
The map info is below. (Hope you can read it?_
On my PC the Tom Tom has been assigned drive 'H' - the tech support peeps got me to format it during one of their lengthy calls - its FAT 32 used space 1.02GB Free space 909MB Capacity 1.90GB, the device does not have an SD card


So when I disconnect the device - correctly - which is the way I always disconnect it as I do with all external hard drives (coz I once pulled a flash drive out without removing it and it corrupted so I learnt my lesson then! ;)) I get a message - Connect your device to HOME and check for updates. Install all updates listed. If the problem still occurs visit and search for no maps found. Follow the instructions on the help topic

I purchased 18 months of map updates two weeks ago as my map was so old it had loads of roads missing and I understand I can't fit the whole UK and Europe on the device but I would just like Western Europe and that is only 1882 MB so should be fine

Any help you can give me will be most appreciated :):):)
Support may help but it is a legacy device.

United Kingdom
02079 490 134
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Sorry please explain - what is a legacy device?

I have already tried support - it was a waste of time :(:(:(
An older device (referred to as a Nav2 device) which Support no longer provides help for.

Maybe it is time to move to a newer device???
The map info is below. (Hope you can read it?_
Alas ... no. Can you attach it as a file here instead of embedding it in the post? Or at a minimum, let us know the name of the map and version number.

Earlier, I asked "Next, tell us what happens when you turn the device off and then on when it is not connect to your PC?", but I suspect from something you have said recently that the answer is a "No maps found" problem, but let us know if that's what's happening and is the root of the issue you've brought to us here. If that's the case, we should be able to sort this.
Sorry, I bought UK and Europe map updates - this bit is Western Europe version 975.7751

If I disconnect it and switch it back on it says this "Connect your device to HOME and check for updates. Install all updates listed. If the problem still occurs visit and search for no maps found. Follow the instructions on the help topic"
I wonder if that's where she's already been pointed.

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