Bluetooth Connection to Motorcycle communicators

Aug 22, 2009
Florenceville-Bristol, NB Canada
TomTom Model(s)
I currently have a Collett helmet communicator system and I want to pair this up with a TT 730 or any TT with Bluetooth. I have taken my helmet system to a Future Shop store and tried to do the pairing in the store before making a purchase. The TT 730 will recoginize the Collet but will not make the final connection. The store helpers say that the GPS units will only connect to a phone. Collet say's that the communicator will connect to any device and it successfully connects to my Black Berry and can answer the phone and play MP3 music nicely. One of the Future Shop reps said that the TT 730 would connect if two files were removed but did not say which ones to remove. The RIder 2 has this capability but I was looking to do this on another unit. Has anyone connected a TT to a helmit communication system and could you explain what has to be done?


May not be of any help as its not a helmet communication,but here goes.I use a Blueant Q1 BT headset(earpiece) and it works to announce directions .It has to do with AD2P capabilities that come with the Q1's recent firmware update.Pairing it doesn't work,but under speaker preferences selecting BT device connects the Q1 to my TT920Go.If you can find a Helmet based headset that has AD2P it would be a good place to start.
Hope that helped???

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