Bluetooth connections to other headsets

Jun 1, 2010
Yep, I'm full of questions today. Should the rider be able to connect to other BT headsets, not just the one that comes with it? I would think it would work with most any. I'm currently using a Chatterbox XBi that connects to my blackberry storm 2 and will play music as well as handle phone calls. I'm hoping I can get the Tomtom to connect to the XBi as well as have the blackberry connected to the headset at the same time.
I think if I set them up in the right order I may be able to have my music, phone, and directions all broadcast to the XBi (yeah, that wouldn't be distracting)

My cunning plan is to,

Connect the blackberry to the tomtom to support phone calls through the tomtom to the XBi. Then connect the tomtom to the XBi.
Next connect the blackberry to the XBi directly which should just connect to the BT stereo service on the XBi.

Everything lives happily ever after.. right? anyone :)

I'll report what happens, but i am curious if anyone else has tried to connect multiple devices in this way in their setup.
Well I'm pretty impressed. The Rider and the Chatterbox XBi get along just fine. I can make & receive calls passing the Storm 2 through the TomTom to the Xbi headset and it works pretty well. I can still listen to music from the phone directly to the headset but the audio instructions from the TomTom cut off the music and it doesn't come back after the instructions stop playing. Not the end of the world but I was hoping it would switch back on its own. I really don't plan on using the instructions much anyway unless I'm in a dense area and then I don't need the music anyhow. Overall the pairing of the the devices seems to work well. Oh yeah, address book copied over fine too. I'm diggin this. I can make a call (when stopped) without having to get the phone out of the Tank bag now.
Connection Issues

I can't get my Rider and XBi to connect to each other. The Rider reads "Required features cannot be found." Did you have a magical way of doing this?

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