BlueTooth connectivity problem TT620 and iPhone X Newest OS

Jul 28, 2019
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Using every possible combination - reinstalling MyDrive App,, resetting TT Unit, connecting with Bluetooth to TT, Logging out and signing into my account, Pairing with unit and always able to show that unit is connected at every possible step. Problem - iPhone App MyDrive in Bluetooth mode will not send distination to TT. When phone is connected to Wi-Fi in my house(and driveway) and outside my work office, connection to TT perfectly and able to send destination. When phone is not connected to WiFi the ability to send destination to TT will not work. Enabling phone hotspot works o.k. too but I don't want to exceed my service plan hotspot limit.
IIRC, connection is via WiFi, if available, fall back BT, meaning gobbling up your Data plan if you spend time on the 285 and north as it will constantly check for accidents and for alternative routes around them.
The advantage of the BT connection (vs. WiFi) is that TT has done something clever with a low level BT protocol for the phone app that does not require tethering service, and would not therefore count against any tethering minutes if there is already a tethering plan in place. So it;s clearly an advantage to many to make the BT connection work.

I'd call support to see if they can help sort it out since it sounds like you've done everything right.
Although I appreciate the reply, it simply does not address my situation. I have owned well over 5 TT's for years and the last 3 units always worked flawlessly in regard to connection to the iPhone Bluetooth function. My current TT Go620(which I have had for well over a year) worked perfectly until a few weeks ago. Will not send destinations to my Go620 when away from my WiFi at home and at my warehouse. Will not send destinations when depending on Bluetooth, even though every indication on TT and my iPhone is that everything is connected. Also, Traffic is not working unless connected to HotSpot function on my IPhone.
I was only concurring that using the app usually has benefits over being stuck with WiFi tethering.
Yes, I understand that it had been working, but your topic title appeared to indicate that the problem began with the latest release of iOS.
12.3.2 was just released on June 20, so I made an assumption about your title and that timing. It wouldn't be the first time something was missed in iOS regression testing before release.

Perhaps I read to much into that?

The lack of traffic is an interesting additional data point. As it's not just destinations that fail to be received by the phone, it would seem to be a larger issue of the BT connection failing. Are there ANY features functioning between your phone and 620 that require Bluetooth?

Let's go back a bit. What was the configuration of your phone the last time that your 620 did operate normally with the iOS MyDrive app running on it?
I am "in the same boat", that is, i have a new TT620 and my iphone 5s has iOS 12.4 And my 620 and my cell phone do connect/talk via wifi but do NOT connect via bluetooth. So I can also get real time traffic info on my 620 while parked in my driveway via wifi but I can't get it on the road via Bluetooth. I am different than the OP, OnTrack Joe, in that my current Verizon plan doesn't include the hot spot feature.
I had good conversation with TT Customer Service rep. He confirmed that Apple's iOS versions 10 or more recent will NOT connect to TT's via bluetooth. They will only connect with the hotspot. Adding the hot spot would cost me $10 a month.
I may be mistaken but I know for a fact that the Bluetooth connection to the TT620 worked perfectly all the way up to the release of IOS 13.1.1. Then Apple released another update a few days later and that's when the connectivity problem started for me.

I never had a single problem with BT connectivity for many years prior to this particular update(other than occasional disconnects). I believe that Support might be a little bit misinformed that any OS version up to ver. 13 should ever have been a problem.

At least it never was for me. Disconnection problems would occur from tine to time and I had to go through the agonizing process of going through various steps to restore proper operation. Many times I could not positively identify what I had done to get everything back to normal but everything would work just fine for a few days and up to a few weeks with little or no interruption.

A new IOS 13.1.3 has just been released today and I am downloading it right now. Maybe this can help with this situation. Will know in the morning of 10/18/2019
13.1.2 release should have improved things somewhat. Apple worked on some issues regarding Bluetooth pairing with that release. However, reports continue that BT connections even with 13.1.2 tend to be unstable.

Since you're working with 13.1.3, will be interesting to see what your results are. TomTom is very much aware of the iOS issue that popped up, and is very actively trying to resolve this problem, and there's a lot of testing going on. TomTom tried to work with the iOS issue through release 19.201 of their code. Did you update to that version yet? It will be useful to know that your 13.1.3 attempt is in conjunction with 19.201 and not some earlier code release for your 620.

If you don't get immediate satisfaction from 13.1.3, and if you are running 19.201 on your 620, I will recommend this following set of steps from someone at TomTom. Even at 13.1.2. It does seem to be resolving the issue for some users:

Once you have completed the pairing flow, but you see that still there is no connection for Traffic and/or Smartphone messages, because the second pairing did not complete successfully, try the following:
  1. Go to MyDrive App again
  2. Tap on the right top corner to connect a device
  3. Tap on 'connect another device' at the bottom of the screen
  4. It seems that now the second pairing is completes successfully
  5. You might need to try this several times
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Tried all the steps above and still no Bluetooth control of TT. Attempted this connection at least 5 times - no results.
Working great with Personal Hotspot but this eats up batter charge faster than normal. iOS 13.1.3 just installed a few days ago but this did not fix the problem.

Don't know wether the fault lies with Apple but the problem did not exist up till OS13.1. Afterward everything broke with next update.
It may be until a hot fix release of TomTom code before they can work around this new iOS situation with 13.1. It sounds to me as though Apple has employed a new Bluetooth stack and it's not working out, but it's not like they provide that kind of detailed release notes for anything they send out. If you google iOS 13.1 and Bluetooth, you'll find a lot of commentary on how 13.1 was supposed to FIX BT problems, but seems to have caused new ones.

Could take some patience while both sides work it out.
A new iPhone update to iOS 13.2 has failed to correct the problem with BlueTooth ability to link to and control TT Go 620. Works OK with Personal Hotspot which is unsatisfactory.
Update iOS 13.2 seems to have totally broken everything. No connection even with Personal Hotspot on and no BlueTooth. Now worse than ever. Won't even work with my Home WiFi which can be detected up to 1/2 block away from my house. TT was able to connect and set route with traffic from my home WiFi but no longer.
The GO620 WiFi, of course, has nothing to do with iOS. Does your 620 claim to be connected? If so, you may need to check your login on the 620 one more time.
IOS update 13.3.2 released a few days ago seemed to fixed some of the major connection problems. Traffic and location reception working great for the moment, at least in Personal Hotspot mode.
Very glad to hear it was an improvement. Keep us posted on how it works out.
Newest update to iOS 13.3 offered a little bit of hope but still no luck with connecting through BT. Traffic and plugging into each new destination works ok with Personal Hotspot(WiFi) but this is a rather inconsistent process since the HotSpot will disconnect periodically when the phone is removed from my vehicle and may require several attempts at connecting to TT before a connection and proper function will work. One thing causing a problem with Personal Hotspot connecting is when my phone is connected to either my home or office WiFi(automatically) thus preventing any other connection to occur.

Downgrading my IOS is not even a rational option. iPhone is working great with current IOS and don't want to give up all the improvements just to have a good BT connection to my TT.
The 12.4 option is primarily for those using BT headset devices and the motorcycle breed of TT devices. They're severely handicapped without their BT headsets on top of having the traffic connection issues to deal with.
A bit of news from 13.3.1. Your iPhone may well suggest that you "Share system messages" with your device. We know of one recent user's experience that resolved the connection issue this way. Something to try!

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