Bluetooth audio routing

Mar 22, 2009
Is it somehow possible to turn the audio on all the time when using tomtom as bluetooth headset for phone. For example if I would like to listen to mp3s from my phone routing the audio via tomtom to car stereo. Now the audio turns on only in phone call.
This isn't possible as far as I have seen. The TT seems to consider a phone = a phone, headphones = headphones, a headset = a headset.

I even tried disconnecting my BT headphones profile and attempted to add a couple other devices as a Hi-Fi device (that I know support the outgoing hi-fi profile as they too can connect with the Headphones), but the TT politely ignores that they exist.
My phone still thinks its playing all audio from a fully capable headset and therefore mp3 and key tones are not audible when TT is connected. I just wonder if there is a 3rd party app for enabling the audio.
From what I understand, this would require the TT to run a BT Hi-Fi audio service. Since it is possible to write applications that run on the TT (TT MPlayer, for example), I am sure it is possible for this to be written. However, at this time, it is beyond my ability.

Is there an open source Hi-Fi Audio Service project? (off to check SF and GC)

(edit, I mean Hi-Fi Audio CLIENT, doh)

(edit, Interesting: )
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