730 Bluetooth Audio


Jul 23, 2010
I have the following:

TomTom 730
iPhone 3GS
2010 Toyota Tundra CrewMax

The truck has bluetooth audio, and it works great for my iPhone, even streams music. Here's what I want to do: Pair the TomTom with the truck to play spoken directions.

In the Speaker settings on the TomTom it lists the ability to send directions to a Bluetooth Hi-Fi device, and I tried to pair it with the truck. It seemed to work, but it still won't send the audio to the truck.

Any ideas?


Download the HiFiFix option from Here and follow the instructions in the readme file, once these files are on your device it becomes far easier to get it to connect to Bluetooth output devices such as car stereos - Mike


that didn't work either.

The tomom says it's connected, then drops the connection. the car says it's connected, then drops the connection. Frustrating.

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