Audio Directions Through Bluetooth Headset?

Nov 27, 2009
Hello all.

I'm am thinking about purchasing the TomTom iPhone app this weekend while it is on sale. I have one major question that I can't seem to find an answer to anywhere online.

Can the audio prompts from TomTom route through a mono bluetooth headset? I have the BlueAnt Interphone motorcycle headset (mono, non-A2DP) that I use on my helmet, and it is imperative that the audio prompts route to the helmet via bluetooth instead of the iPhone speaker. This did work with my old MotoQ phone using the Garmin mobile application. I'm concerned it may not work with the iPhone app as it does not support playing music through the mono headset - telephone calls only from what I can tell.

I have Googled most of the evening, and only found two pages discussing this topic. One said it worked, while the other said it only worked on the newer stereo bluetooth headsets (A2DP).

Anyone have any information that may help me out?

I don't think it is possible. Unless there is a "work around" in the App files or the iPhone OS. Because the app does not have a bluetooth capability, it can't work with the bluetooth function of the iPhone OS.
If you connect the iPhone to a Bluetooth device that uses A2DP you will get the music and Nav instructions via Bluetooth, if you want handsfree for the iPhone then it needs a HFP Bluetooth profile, I have mine playing nav instructions over the music playing from the car stereo using a Bluetooth kit (iO-Play) - Mike
Because the app does not have a bluetooth capability, it can't work with the bluetooth function of the iPhone OS.

Are there any plans to change this? I bought the Tomtom app for the iphone without knowing this, and was very disappointed to find out that whilst the cars' factory fit Bluetooth hands free works superbly with the iPhone for making/recieving calls, the navigation is still coming out of the iPhone's little speaker rather than being bluetoothed to the car stereo.

As they are just spoken instructions, surely there is a way of them being sent to the handsfree kit without needing something that has A2DP capability?

I don't want to have to connect the iPhone to the car using a 3.5mm jack, I'd much rather continue to control my music through the car steering wheel.

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