Bluetooth audio receiver

May 21, 2009
I stumbled across the Kensington LiquidAux Bluetooth audio adapter, so I figured I'd give it a try and I coudln't be happier!

It's a small unit, basically a cigar lighter power adapter with a small 1x1x1 box stuck on the end of it. It has a USb port (for supplying power only) and a cable with a 3/8" audio plug on the end of it (extender included). Bascially I paried it to my TomTom and had ran the cable to the Aux Port on my truck's head unit. I had already ran power under the dash to the TomTom, so I bought a Y adapter for the power and have everything hooked up under the dash and it works great! I could have used the USB port on the LiquidAux unit to power the TomTom but I would have had to buy a $15 usb cable with a right angle plug on the bottom of it. I still may do that if I add an Aux input switcher and need power for it.

Occasionally the TomTom will take a little while to connect to the unit, but it works great. The only issue is that I get a few occasional dropouts during heavy unit activity. Overall, I'd give the unit itself a 5/5 because the dropout issue appears to have to do with the TomTom.

it comes with a wireless remote for use with an iPod or other BT device that supports a remote, but it doesn't work with the TT. :(

LiquidAUX? Bluetooth? Car Kit - K33428US - Kensington
That looks like a neat solution for those users with an aux socket input on the stereo and want to try Bluetooth which is far better than FM transmitt and it avoids the costly swapping out of the cars head unit.

I guess it supports both A2DP for the HiFi audio and AVRCP protocol as it can control track fwd/ back pause etc (but not with a TomTom or iPhone as neither device ranges support AVRCP) couple it to a proper Windows Mobile SmartPhone and it would be a great combination - Mike

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