no audio via bluetooth

Dec 29, 2012
united kingdom
TomTom Model(s)
tomtom app on htc desire s
I have a TomTom UK&Ireland sat nav app on my HTC desire s smartphone. The problem is I cannot get any audio when I connect it to the Bluetooth on my 2011 Citroen c4. Any thoughts please.
This is PROBABLY down to the various different BT protocols in use.
To get "hands-free" audio on the car radio uses one protocol but to get "hi-fi" audio from a device takes another.

I suspect that the HTC is using the hi-fi protocol to send the TomTom audio, but the car is only responding to the hands-free.

Whether you can get it to work or not will depend on what the car-radio is capable of.

I've got a cheap Sony car unit that does both.
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The Tomtom app uses whatever is configured in Android's for media output. So the goal is to get the Android music player to play to your car over bluetooth (it requires A2DP like AndyP said). Once the music player works, the Tomtom app should too.

One thing to try: go to Android bluetooth settings and long-press the car's connection (or tap the gears to the right, depending on Android version). It should open up checkboxes, you need to enable media there.

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