Big problem for '540 live' in uk

Aug 17, 2009
Hi folks, I've been a dedicated Tomtom user for years but recently bought 540 Live only to discover it wouldn't connect to the Live service.

I returned my 540 Live and bought another from a different retailer and, guess what, same problem.

Having looked at customers comments on Amazon, it is clear that most 540's currently on sale in UK have this major problem.

Having contacted support, the Tomtom people are polite but don't have any answers, and I frankly don't know whether I should be holding onto my second unit hoping for a fix soon.

I reckon that a large batch of units have sim cards installed that have not been registered with Vodafone in error. Anyone else got any thoughts? :(
Where did you purchase this from? if it did come from Amazon send it back and go and purchase one from a high street retail outlet such as Halfrauds or similar - There have been quite a number of faulty devices reported with this issue from Amazon but nowhere else AFAIK - Mike
Thanks for the info.

The original one was purchased from Dixons online, and the second unit was bought from Pixmania.

Therefore I'm afraid the problem looks more wide spread than just Amazon.

Unfortunately Halfords is ?45 more expensive!!
You can try to send it to a repair centre
[live link removed by moderator - if you're attempting to sell your repair service as you have posted it in numerous posts, please contact our forum administrator regarding paid advertising]
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940 GO Live will not connect to LIVE services

I just bought a 940 GO LIVE from Halfords and have the same problem that it will not connect to the LIVE services ... Tom Tom support asked me to reset it but the problem is still there ... network settings show it as connected with IMEI No etc ... thus I shall be returning this unit to Halfords tomorrow for a replacement or my money back.

Shame as its a great product.

Have you ever owned another TomTom GPS based product and if so was it registered using your e-mail address? If the answer to this is yes, have you used a new e-mail account for the new device? If not this is your problem, you cannot have more than one device using the same e-mail account as the server at TomTom cannot cope with such a problem - Mike

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