App 11.030/11.031 released for all MyTomtom devices

What I want is when I select "drive to favorite" not to have to tap "other favorites" to get to the list. Is this possible?


What I want is when I select "drive to favorite" not to have to tap "other favorites" to get to the list. Is this possible?

Follow the steps I noted. While unintuitive, the procedure does succeed in getting rid of the need to tap "other favorites".
Thanks for the info. None of those favorite icons look like any of my favorites! I like the list better.
You mean get rid of "Favourite destinations" completely?

Just go to start up preferences and switch to "Continue where I left off" or "Show the main menu".

That should work, but doesn't in the new app (think it's a bug).

You need to tap configure on the icon screen, say "yes" to the frequent destination question, and un-highlight all favorites except Home.

Then exit to driving view and the favorite menu will disappear.

The normal method is working fine on two units here... must be an issue specific to your model?

I set up some Favourite locations, checked they appeared on switch on, then went back into start-up preferences and selected "continue where I left off" and the start-up Favourites were gone.

Or did you mean getting rid of them from the' Navigate to... Favourites' menu? I think the OP was talking about not having them on start up, but I could be wrong.
Tomtom has released 11.031. It appears to be an update to the legal disclaimer only.

We have improved the explanation about the data you share with TomTom, and the settings required for you to give permission and share data from your device.


My auto power on problem persists. It will work fine for a day and then just fail to power up suddenly. I am wondering if sitting in a cold car has something to do with it as when it fails to start it's generally in the morning.

I am in the same boat. I also have the VIA 1505TM, and am on the latest (11.031) firmware. I wish my device would turn on with my car! The power off feature works beautifully, and I have confirmed that my car's cigarette lighter socket turns on and off with the ignition.

Anyone else having the same problem?
Yes, all NAV3 models seem to be having trouble deciding whether to auto-turn-on or not at the moment.
I left a reply to some research results that you posted in 'another forum'. Could you reply there? I may have some ideas as to why this is happening (if I can ever get my GO1535 back from 'repair'!).

As I noted there, I had a rental Mitsubishi Galant a couple of weeks ago that did not ONCE work with my GO1535's auto-on feature, and yet that feature never once failed to work here on my own two vehicles. I'm very confident that there's an issue with the timing of power application (and loss) during starting the vehicle vs. the state of the unit when this occurs.


After updating I saw that the camera alerts no longer show the Speed at which the camera is set, just the distance. Is there anyway to turn this back on? Thanks in advance!
What SHOULD be happening, is if you have the road speed limit set in "Status bar preferences" to show up on the bar, it will now show as an actual speed limit sign.

And as you approach a camera, that sign will change to be the speed limit data for the camera itself.

I can tell this happens by two clues....

1. the "roundel" that we get on-screen for speed limit signs in Europe, gets very slightly larger, because they got the size wrong.

2. the speed limit they have in the camera data is often completely wrong, so the displayed speed changes totally.

Here's what it looks like on my Go940when the camera speed limit data is right.

Normal speed display:


As you approach the camera: (note slightly larger roundel):


But if you DON'T have the "road speed limit" showing, you don't get the camera speed either.

If you don't like the speed limit roundel, then you have to add the "current time" to the status bar display...


....but you STILL don't get the camera speed showing!


So all you can do is to have the road speed showing as well
Of all the things they could have 'improved', I wish they hadn't wasted time tinkering with this one!

Can I suggest you ditch the whole TomTom-supplied data and switch over to the much better one from Pocket GPSWorld?
That way you get a camera speed indication on screen and you can ALSO have a spoken warning telling you the speed limit . It's a hell of a lot more accurate as well!

Here's what you get:


Audio: "Ding Ding Ding.. Fixed speed camera.... 30 mph" (or several alternatives available)

Any more info needed, just ask :)


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After updating to 11.030 or maybe 11.031 my VIA1530 now asks an info sharing question every time it is turned on. Is there a setting to avoid this persistent question?
Settings-->Me and my Device-->My Information.

Should ask the question whether you wish to be asked at startup. Say NO.


Sounded so obvious - I was sure it would work - but it did not
I'm actually using 11.037
The same question came up under 'me and my device' and I answered yes.
A banner indicated 'Information Sharing Enabled' as it does on startup and then no more questions. Unfortunately the same question still came up on startup. Tried a 'pin' reset and it did not help.




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