How to navigate to a POI which appears whilst travelling (VIA 135)

Jul 8, 2019
TomTom Model(s)
VIA 135
I've set my VIA 135 to show fuel stations selling Autogas, which are not so frequent as petrol ones, which have been downloaded from the internet and set to sound an alert as well as visual when they're within 3000yds, because I want to have notice in advance of when a station is coming up.
It functions well, but I can't work out how to navigate to one to which I'm alerted, particularly if it does not necessarily show on the screen initially as I'm driving, depending on the magnification I'm using on screen. Perhaps I'd be better using a smaller magnification, depending upon the situation. (ie it's better when there are not many junctions around eg on motorway, but not necessarily in towns etc.). But how do I navigate there?

Anyone have ideas out there, please? I travel tomorrow morning, (UK, by the way), so hopefully someone sees this and can help!! Sorry for short notice!!
There isn't a way to automatically navigate to a POI that causes a proximity alert. If you go to "View Map", you can select a custom POI from the map and navigate to it.

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