Can't Do "Navigate to" Custom POI

Apr 26, 2010
McHenty, IL USA
RE: Can't Do "Navigate to" Custom POI

I downloaded a ton of POIs. I also created two "custom" POI categories:
1) MyName-Favorites
2) MyName-POIs

When I tried to NAVIGATE TO...
I chose Point Of Interest...

The next screen is not very intuitive, but I tried "POI Near You".
The next options are also not very intuitive either, but I tried "Search" typing in "MyName" and received a "No POI Found!" error.

I then went back to that screen and tried the big RED RIGHT ARROW.... here I was presented with a list of Categories, but neither of my "custom" categories appeared.... and none of the downloaded POI "Categories" or POIs themselves appear here either.

1) What is the use of converting Favorites into POIs, as Tom Tom suggests if I can't Navigate to them?
2) How can I navigate to POI "categories" I downloaded?

Please point out the "operator error" I may be making and show me EXACTLY how to do it in step-by-step terms, please.

BTW - I learned the "Categories" are *.OV2 files located in the folder "North_America_2GB" in the internal memory, by opening the H:\ directory using Windows Explorer, but where are the POIs that fall within the Categoies? What folder are they in? Or, are they "hard coded" inside the OV2 file?

I also can't locate the "Categories" that appear after I hit the red arrow. What folders are they in?

The list starts out:
Amusement Park
ATM/Bank Machine.
Border Crossing

What folder [or hard-coded file] are these "Categories" stored in? Are these the *.dat files that are in the
"North_America_2GB" folder?

Thanx in advance for your assistance.



Oct 1, 2007
Toronto Canada
TomTom Model(s)
Go 50; Go 520
The built in poi categories such as ATM, Amusement Parks, etc are stored within the poi.dat file in the specific map folder. All custom ov2 files also must go into that specific map folder.

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