After Firmware Update for XXL, "Plan Route" Mode Defaults to "Address"

Feb 17, 2012
United States
TomTom Model(s)
XXL 540
As long as I've had this device, when I tap "Plan Route" it brings up a menus of choices: Home, Favorites, Address, etc.

Now that I've installed the new update, when I tap "Plan Route" it takes me directly into the address option, and I have to hit "Back" to get to the other options in the route planning menu. Is there any way to alter this new default behavior?
That's a new one on me.
A lot of people are getting confused by the new "Favourite destinations" screen that you can opt to see when you select "Navigate to..." on the Go models, but that's not available on my XL.

Are you really seeing the normal "Navigate to Address" page with City Centre / Street and House number / Postcode / Crossing or intersection options straight away?

I'm running the latest build on my XL LIVE IQ and the 'Navigate to...' works just as it always has.
-1 here.
My 720 and 740 both take me to the normal screen when I hit "Navigate to" or "Prepare route A>B". I have the usual options available.
With my 540 last night after the app update I first selected Prepare Route. The next screen did ask to confirm the country (Canada) before moving to the normal screen to complete the destination information.

Next Navigate to.... and the next screen was the normal screen.
Mine asked me to confirm "Colorado" the first time, but that's normal after the firmware update that we all received.
It didn't used to be 'normal' after a firmware update, but it seems to be so with this latest one.

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