Tom 510, how do I update the firmware?



You should be able to connect to Home and get firmware updates from there.(Click on 'Update My Unit')
I have tried that but it locks up.

The reset doesnt work. Each time I have to let the battery run out (usually takes overnight) and try again.

It asks lots about 'activation' codes. I have no idea what this is all about.
Is the device working? if so switch it on and tap the sat strength meter followed by the version box, post back with the application version and map name/ version number then we can see how up to date it is - Mike
Hi, Its

APP. 7.903 (9183/081205) os:2344
60MB RAM (FREE 25.1MB)
GPS v1.21, Boot 5.0500
Map UK_and_IE_plus_major_roads_of_WE V660.12219
Language: English UK

I get an error on TOMTOM home app. saying cant update map and the unit freezes.

It also unable to storesettings, I have to unput all preferences language etc everytime I turn it on. I've changed the memory card to no effect.
Make sure the UK&ROI map folder isn't set to read only, also delete the MapSettings.cfg file from within the UK map folder, this should cure the having to re-enter settings every time you power the device on. It might also fix the issue with Home so its worth a try - Note the first time you power up after deleting the file you will have to enter the settings, after that it should be OK.
Your map is way out of date, currently the latest is v845, Home should be able to update the map after you have purchased it, your applicaton is the current latest version - Mike


You were right!! it was set to read only.

After deleting the config file, the unit has frozen up again, I'll let the battery run its course and try and restart the unit.
Depleting the battery not only won't help the situation but , in fact, may shorten the life of the battery with continual depletion cycles.

Try resetting the unit now.


Use a pin rather than a paperclip as they tend to fit in the hole better, the paperclip tends to be too large and won't depress the switch correctly - Mike


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