920 losing voices ??

Sep 10, 2010
Hi all

Can anyone please help me. My 920 is losing voices. When I change to another voice, it last's a few miniutes, then that too dissapears.... Any Ideas of what I can do ??

Many Thanks

Are these computer voices or recorded voices that it's happening with?

Have you tried a pin reset on the unit?

What map and application version do you have?
Hi Dhn

It's the pre recorded voices that I've lost, the computor ones are still working...

I've not put any other recordings on....

I have :-

Dave, Kate, Susan, Simon

I've lost :-
Jane. Tim, Ken, Bonnie, Lori, Richard

I'm not too sure how to check which version I have. How do I do that ??

I've not pressed any reset buttons either ...

What do you think is the problem ??


Tap the satellite bars. The next screen shows the application version number.

Tal the version number and the next screen shows the map installed and its version number.

If you report both values (app version number and map and its version number) then we can decide on a possible plan.

No, I don't know what is wrong.
Hi Dhn

Sorry for the delay...

Version 8.395
Map Europe_Truck_845
Devive AK4S4 AACS6
App. 8:395 ( 1913/100308)
OS: 342099
64 MB RAM ( Free 16.0 Mb)
GPS V 1:20, Boot 5:5120

Hope you can help !!


Well, that indeed seems to be the work map for the 920 and appropriate application.

You could try doing an Explorer, not Home backup.

Then, delete all the loose files in the root of your unit, NO folders or their contents.

Connect to Home and you should be offered an application. But it has to be 8.395 for your map and NOT 8.351 which is the latest for non-work maps for that model.
If you connect the device to Home_2 running on your computer you should be able to add the recorded voices back on to the device from within the Home_2 application select:

Add Traffic, Voices, Safety Cameras etc


Recorded Voices

From the presented list add the ones you are missing to the device - Mike
Hi Mike & Dhn

Thanks for the information.... But I'm a complete novice.... Could you please explain where I'd find Exploer or Home ??

I've plugged the device to the computor , but can't find anything that relates to Back up or Home....

Hoping in advance, that you can help me,,,,



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