550 TM fuel prices and safety cam

Dec 5, 2010
I am new i cant seem to get my 550 to show me the fuel prices nor can i see any of the safety cams as i approach. Even whn enable the warning it still doesnt warn me. Any help???
fuel prices

i dont subscribe to this one , but do you have a subscription ? are you using tomtom home on your computer .a little more info would be appropiate if you want help .explain what you have done so far.
Yes i am using the tt home. I just bought this 550tm and it came with these activation codes for lifetime maps, fuel prices,live traffic and safety camera warnings. But so far the only one so far is the live traffic updates. When i approach a safety camera or pass by a gas station i dont get any kind of warnings at all. Maybe its something in the settings that I am not doing correct. thanks for the help in advance.
i have the same tomtom you see the prices through the poi s gas part when checking prices of gas . you get a card for gas and u register it just like the maps if you did not thats why your not seeing prices and as far as safety camera i have not pass one yet
okay cool i got it. it works thank you. i see where it said enable alerts and i did, what kind of alerts are these. i use this everyday and i havent got 1 alert yet.

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