340XL TM - freeze/reboot when planning route (different) [resolved]

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Mar 7, 2011
My wife's 340 XL TM freezes and rebots right after tapping:
Find Address
Search POIs, and anything else on that screen planning a route using POIs or Address.

I can route by tapping HOME.
I can route by browsing the map.

I caanot route using Previous destinations, either.

We are in the middle of a trip.......
Try resetting the unit by holding the power button for about 10 seconds on that model.

Was this functionality working on the unit previously? Did you update anything since the last time it was working and you left for the trip?

Don't supose you have a notebook with you that you can connect the unit to Home with, do you?
Yes it was working. My wife found a restaurant, and after we returned, wshe tried to find a motel, and that is when it happened.

I held the power switch for a reset.
I used a paperclip in the reset hole in the bottom.

I hooked it up to the notebook and renames the map configuration file.

I removed the application from the device, renamed the TomTom home folders, re-downloaded the application and installed it to the device.

No joy anywhere. :(
Connect to Home. Operate My Unit. Manage Favourites. Make a change to one of them by adding one, deleting one, editing one. Doesn't matter.

Disconnect the unit properly from Home using the Device disconnect icon.

Any better?

Also, you may wish to download and run the Clear Flash tool 3 times. Found here: Clear Flash tool
NEW: I does the same thing if I tape the Change Voice icon...

EDITED TO ADD: Solved!!!

On the 3rd settings screen, it finally allowed me to reset to factory defaults, and all is well.

thanks !
Glad you got it resolved.

Factory defaults was going to be my next suggestion .. ;)

Was trying to avoid that choice.

(I'll edit the title of this thread and close it)
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