340xls manage/backup/restore mapshare data

Sep 22, 2009
tt home v2.7.2.1825 with tt 340xl-s. Does anyone know how to manually manage one xl >copy to computer AND manage one xl>copy to device the mapshare data file ? tt tech support has me removing tt home and tt device application - recommended NINE times now - and every time i lose my self entered mapshare data.
No, the function is not provided in tomtom home or i would not have asked. helpful information is appreciated.
Are you trying to "backup" mapshare data?

I've found it sits in a number of files, and I'm not 100% sure which file keeps what data, so I backup all of them.

root folder
- userpatch.dat

map folder (usa_canada_mexico_p for a 340)
- mapsettings.cfg
- mapserverpatch.dat
- mapuserpatch.dat
- deletedpoi.local
- any files ending with a .ov2 extension

Be careful, mapsettings.cfg is often cached in memory and not read/written to the Tomtom drive. A resync of the cache and file occurs when you add/rename in Operate my XL in home. So I recommend doing the add/rename just before you backup the files. And if you have to restore the files, do an add/rename immediately after a restore.

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