340XL doesn't know I've reached destination

Jun 21, 2010
My wife bought me the 340XL and just for fun, I told it to tell me to get to my parent's home and then "home" (which I've inputted). For my parent's, I parked in the driveway but the GPS didn't think I'd arrived at the address yet. Same thing when I got home, I parked on the street directly in front of our house, and the GPS said I still need to go a little further. I don't recall which address it was, but one of them indicated I had to go 200' further.

My parent's have an older Garmin that doesn't have this trouble. Also, Google Navi on my (Android) phone doesn't either (it switches to Street View and shows a picture of our house).

How can I improve this ?


This is as a consequence of a mapping error whereby the the unit 'thinks' your destination (home or some other point) is other than it is. Any street number on a street is really a 'guesstimate' on the part of the application whereby all street segments are given a range of numbers on the map (say, 1-10) and if there are 1000 feet in that street segment, the app will assume each street number takes up 100 feet.

Well, sometimes that works out ok, sometimes not. (for example, my TeleAtlas map assumes my house is 8 houses away from where it really is.).

You can set your Home location to 'current location' when you have your unit at the end of your driveway. Then, when you navigate to Home, it'll be more precise.
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Is it possible to do something similar, i.e. mark the location as the destination ? It sounds like you can only do this for "Home".


You can mark it as a favourite (TomTom will note the lat/long and store that data).

Then, you can Navigate to --> Favourite and select that one from the list. The TT will take you to the precise place you were when you added it as a favourite.

Advice: If you do add it as a favourite, TT will give you the opportunity to name the favourite you are saving. Well, if you call it something like 'Aunt Martha', then THAT will show up on the map, NOT the actual address, so you have to know the proper street number, if you go that route.

If you name it '123 Main Street-Aunt Martha', then you avoid the previous problem.

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