2nd Post... TT910 Blank Screen?

Jan 9, 2007
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
TomTom Model(s)
TomTom GO 910
I've only had my Tom Tom GO 910 fo a couple weeks and I have experienced a blank screen the other night upon turning the unit on while I was on the road.

I pushed the on/off button, the start up flash screen came on, then, after about a minute the scroll bar on the bottom goes from left to full right, and then comes a blank light greyish/white screen.

There was nothing I could do from there as I was still on the road and the unit being so new I just kept trying the power button, but no luck! I just left it the way it was for a few hours until I got home. When I finally arrived home (thank god I made it to my destination and back witout the TT guidance), I tried calling Tom Tom but it was late and the call center was closed. I googled "Tom Tom Go 910 Blank Screen" and to my surprise, a few links came up that were very useful. I discovered the soft-reset button that you push with a pin. I used a paperclip to be exact. I pushed it, held it, and it resetted! Worked like a charm! This Blank Screen problem has not occured since.

My question is... is this type of symptom NORMAL for this unit? I understand that it could happen, just as most computers don't initialize properly upon start up sometimes. Am I correct in saying this, or do I potentially have a faulty unit?

Prior to the Blank Screen incident, my unit was already updated by TomTom Home and was running software version 6.522, had about 100 mp3's, 5 music videos and the battery was full. I don't think I did anything wrong to cause the blanking of the screen.

Any feedback, direction, or advice would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.
Hello and welcome. You don't have a faulty unit unless this keeps happening. The cause of most situations like this are unknown. Glad to hear the pin reset did the job.

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