Request advice re. tomtom 1 (2nd edition)

Mar 20, 2020
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TomTom Model(s)
tomtom one 2nd Edition
Dear colleagues
Please may I ask for advice. My device above has a problem. When I am using it it is often fine but during the journey sometimes it seems to lose the signal, upon which the map part of the screen is "frozen" at the place it stopped. If I power off and then re-start the device, I find nothing has changed. The same place is shown on the map bit and there is no signal.
Please can anyone advise if there is a fix or workround.
It's hard to know whether the firmware is just locking up such that it is no longer updating the screen, or whether your ONE 2nd is losing GPS signal. Is the device still responsive to touches on the screen as normal during one of these events? If not, it's likely just locking up. If it's still responsive, go to the page that shows the satellite coverage and see what it says.
Dear Canderson. Thank you so much for your helpfulness.
to be honest I don't think it is just an issue of merely losing the signal. It happens regularly even frequently, and in different locations.
During one of these events I am able to "navigate" away from the (dead at that time) map screen to the menu system of the device. I will have a look at the satellite coverage page. I hadnt known there was a satellite coverage page until you mentioned it.
Please do you think that when this happens I should reset the device with a paper clip or something?
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It certainly couldn't hurt to try the hard reset with the (gently) applied paperclip to the button in the bottom. One time should do it if that's going to work.
Good to know that the system remains responsive when it's misbehaving. At least the device isn't locked up due to some major issue of hardware or firmware.
Let us know what you see on the satellite page.
And just in case, please advise the make/model/year of your vehicle. Believe it or not, it might well matter. Make sure you're not on this list >>
Dear Canderson. Thanks again for the kind advice. I shall try with checking the satellite signal after which I shall give it a go as a last resort with gentle reset using the paper clip or similar. With thanks
And do check your vehicle against that list.

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