2405: Is April map 807.3404 the most current?

Feb 20, 2010
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When I connect my 2405 to the 'net I'm told it is "up to date" and when I try to update my map I'm asked for a activation code which this model doesn't have.

My map is 807.3404

My app is dated 8/9/11.

thank you
That doesn't sound like a map version to me. Where are you reading it?
(You need to go to Settings/ Version information)

Latest maps are v880.xxxx which came out two weeks ago
Previous maps to that were v875.xxxx which came out in mid-August

The original maps on that model were v855 and the map version number has gone up in '5's every time for years, so I'm not sure where you saw "807".
You are using MyTomTom and not Home 2 for that unit, right? Get it here; tomtom/getstarted

The 8.07 is not a map application version. The current map is 880 which came out November 15th, 2011.

When you log into MyTomTom after it's installed, do you use the email address you first registered the unit with and NOT an email used for a previous unit?

If your model is not a 'M' (lifetime maps), there is nothing to activate. If it is, then there should be a code on a card with the package of materials. You need to call CS at 866-486-6866 and they can activate lifetime maps at their end.

If you bought the unit within the last 90 days and have not updated the map previously, you should be able to get the current one using the LMG on the website that'll open up when you connect.
I called CS and they did have to activate me. they said it was a courtesy activation. So now my unit is downloading. The unit was bought new last June.

I have the "Card" which says I get lifetime maps but it doesn't have a code. it says to go to tomtom.com/getstarted. Of course when I did that it asked for an activation code. So that's why I called CS.

I will say that the CS call was ok. The wait time was less than 1 minute.

Thank you for your help too!
ps . at age 68 I'm getting more dyslexic. My current map number is 870.3404 (not 807.3404.)
Ah cool.... That all makes sense now.

v870 was released 2 quarters (6 months) ago.
We've had v875 and v880 since then
8.80 on device and 8.70 on "MY Account"

This morning TomTom message is that I have an update. I log in and hook up my device. The Manage Content page shows I have Map 8.8 on my device (good) and that I have map 8.7 on My Account".
The only "action" allowed is to put the 8.7 back on the device which I don't want to do.
1. Should I do anything?

2. I now notice that 8.8 is just the US whereas 8.70 includes Canada and Mexico. Shouldn't my update have included Canada and Mexico?

OK. I now have the 8.8 map that includes Canada and Mexico.

Again, CS was good. He admitted the last guy gave me the wrong map.

And again, thank you to folks!
I bought my device 7 month ago, the map version is 875.3611 (USA, Can & Mexico) and when I hook it up to my computer it says 'No map to download'.
Does it make sense?
Nope. The latest is 880 which was out last November 16th. That said, map version 885 is due any day now, most probably within a week.
If you didn't get the lifetime maps (M) model of your device or a year's subscription of the map on your unit, you should NOT be expecting a map upgrade when it comes ou,
Did you REGISTER it online (or the better way, by a call to Customer Support at 866-486-6866) when you got the unit? The activation code was on a card in the package of materials marked DO NOT DISCARD.

Without registering the activation code against the serial number of your unit, TT doesn't know to send new maps when they are released.
As far as I know, all of the GO2405 models were GO2405TM, so you should have seen the 880 map become available. Assuming you registered your unit (using email and password) on MyTomTom, I would suggest that you call Customer Service at 866-486-6866 and have them enable this for you. Be prepared with the serial number of your unit.

885 should be out in the next week or so.

Ooops ... looks like I should have read "Page 2" first...

Never mind.

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