TomTom GO 2405 stuck on "waiting for a valid GPS signal"

Oct 14, 2011
Hi guys, so my TOMTOM does not receive a valid GPS signal. And it just searches and searches to no avail.

Can someone please help me out on what to do?
It's not the MyTomTom application that dhn is asking about, it's the firmware on your unit. You can access that information using the menu on the unit. Check "Me and my device" / "About my device".
There was a manditory firmware update notice sent out from Tomtom correcting this problem. You need to update to 11.037 to fix this problem using mytomtom on your computer (not tomtom home).
Did you do a reset (hold the power button till you hear the drum sounds) OUTSIDE and wait a few minutes (maybe up to 10 the first time)??
After updating, some users had previously noted that it was necessary to perform a 'drum' reset of the unit. With the unit on, press and hold the power button for 20 seconds until you hear the drums, then release.
Oops. That's what I get for leaving a page open for a while. Looks like dhn has it already.
Same issue here....drove thru four states and no signal...did the hold and reset 10+ times no dice...piece of jumk...trashing it for the next brand..maybe a Garmin...saw too many discussions about download this check that...Its a sat it automatically???? why all the steps to fix it??? poor planning as I see it. Sorry I bought it.
If you didn't update the software, no amount of re-setting will fix it.

A bit unfair to blame TomTom for a bug in a piece of software (that's software supplied TO THEM by the company who made the GPS chipset) that only appeared as the leap year day approached.

For once, TT identified and fixed the problem incredibly quickly.

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