2405TM vs. 2435TM?

Jun 20, 2008
Lowell, MA
TomTom Model(s)
Hi all,
I have a few questions need to ask. First of all, apologize to all if the questions have been covered or they are such silly. I'm an old member but haven't been back here for a while (nice new layout and surprisingly, my password still works :)), also, haven't followed Tomtom news for years.
Anyway, per dhn response, the only difference is the new (better?) Voice Recognize engine, everything else is the same and this has been almost a year.
My question is:
1. Since the release, are there any firmware update for the 2405 device? and/or
2. Can we use/install/update the firmware of 2435 to the old device 2405?

I'm planning to buy the 2405TM @Costco, just wondering if I can use the new Voice Recog. engine from the 2435.

Thanks all.


There ain't no "SE" for the 2XXX series, nor are you going to find a mechanism for loading firmware released for one version into a different unit. At present, I believe FW 10.501 is current for both models. There just isn't a whole heck of a lot of difference.
So, you're saying both devices currently use FW 10.501?
Does it also mean the 2405 has the new Voice Recog. engine that loading on the 2435 or it's totally different thing?
Please forgive me and my slowliness but does that mean "enhanced Voice Recognition engine" and NavCore are two different things?
Meaning, even the 2405 running the same firmware 10.501, it is still not a true 2435?

Geez, I haven't followed TT for a while and I am way behind the tech.


It's not like the old days where a "firmware package" installation covered all aspects of the device apart from the map/POI data. These days, things can (and are) loaded in bits and pieces, and upgrade accordingly.

I don't find that there's a whole lot of difference in voice recognition quality - but then, I have significant difficulty with VR on all TomTom units if there is even a normal level of background noise. All seem to work reasonably well under office conditions, but let me down in the car.