Help to download P.O.I. on Model 2405 TM

Feb 16, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
Hi, just purchased model 2405 TM and can't load P.O.I. onto the device. My XL330s was able to do it, what's with this new one. Also no itinerary either. I like the other features ie: advanced lane guidance etc. but sure would like to know how to get my P.O.I. from the old TOM TOM Home site to my new model. I have downloaded the new Tom Tom site that came with the 2405TM but it did not help me out. Any help would be appreciated. My thanks
Welcome to TTF.

Regarding itineraries.

Same as what the Leafs chances are in the playoffs (if they get there). In other words, LOST CAUSE. :( These newer models have, at best, 4 waypoints (some newer models just have 3) and you cannot save the so-called itineraries.

A multi-step approach to getting pois from the site to the new unit. First, hopefully, you still have your previous unit. If so, start up Home 2 and select a poi file (you can't select more than one at a time.......) and install.

Now, use this (not well promoted) tool from TomTom to make the transfer from old to new unit. It's called the Content Transfer Assistant and you get it here:

You probably won't see a 2405 model listed as a TO unit so choose a 1005. Should work.

Second method .............

If you have the necessary custom poi files (and related .bmp files) somewhere on the computer, you can connect your 2405 to the computer and the MyTomTom desktop's icon will have a new menu item 'Add community content'. It'll open a web page for you to select files already on your computer to add to your unit.
Thanks for the information, I will give it a try and see what happens. Re: Leafs, I agree with you 100%

Thanks so much, I downloaded the program and it was so easy. It copied all my favourites and P.O.I. from my old TOM TOM to my new TOM TOM. Thanks for being so smart and helping me out.

If I were so smart, I'd move to some city where the hockey team knows how to win! :D

Glad it worked for you............

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