1535M Live is winning me over

Feb 24, 2008
Portland, OR
TomTom Model(s)
GO LIVE 1535M and XXL-540TM
I realized that the Lifetime Traffic on my XXL540TM was not the best, nor most reliable so I ventured out and bought a 1535M Live on Amazon for $139. Got it yesterday and, after fighting like hell with the MyTomTom map updater (which was almost a deal breaker), am extremely pleased with this unit. Finally TomTom has added in the little things (power on with ignition and announcing what side of the street the destination is on). Here are my favorites so far:

-The HD Traffic reporting is fantastically accurate with many more roads covered
-Voice command is very very good
-Powers on (and off of course) with my cars outlet
-Voice quality is excellent
-Announces which side of the street the destination is on
-Ability to disable Auto-Zoom
-Ability to set different color schemes for 2D and 3D maps
-Live services, of course

Just a start I'm sure, but those are the ones that stand out.

I tried to avoid paying for traffic services, but I just realized that the $5/month it works out to be is well worth it to have the level of coverage that the HD Traffic gives.

I just hope that TT gets it together with this MyTomTom service... that is utter crap!!


I'm with you on all of that EXCEPT for the voice command part .. my GO1535 isn't so forgiving, and certainly not very accurate, although that may have something to do with where I mount it.

My gripe vs. the XXL540 would be the mount. How do you feel about having to pull the entire thing off the dash instead of leaving the mount behind?
Spoke too soon... The Live services will not connect today... Traffic bar comes up with the spinning circle then disappears... Go to connections in settings and then network and it shows zero bars and "Not Connected" under it.

Tried resetting the unit, same thing. Any ideas??

About the mount, I use a ProClip in my car so I removed the suction mount altogether.
Could you be in a 'dead zone' by any chance?

If resetting doesn't revive LIVE, you may try 'restore to factory defaults'. Yes, you lose custom settings, but it has been known to revive LIVE Service.

But I'd wait till you see whether things are normal tomorrow.
I did the restore to factory and no dice. It was not a dead zone either it was occurring for my entire 35 mile commute... I will try again in the morning and see what happens... Hopefully just a glitch, but wouldn't it still at least connect to AT&T Wireless and give me some bars, or is that not how it works, does it actually have to connect to tomtom to show a connection?


If you aren't seeing any bars, then that does indeed mean you have no connection to the carrier, and without that, you'll never get any Live services. It's like your cell phone being unconnected to your carrier -- no connection, no SMS messages. So the first problem to address is "why no bars", if that's the case.
Digging more into this... if I turn it off and back on while on the Network page... it says Connecting (full signal), then the IMEI and SIM ID numbers will populate but then it goes immediately to Not Connected and no signal then SIM ID disappears.

App Version 11.023.7745483.84
Map: USA_Canada_and_Mexico v880.3856, Release date 10/11

Is there a way to do a full hard reset? I have done the soft reset, holding power until drum roll... so many times... same thing
I am losing the rag with this thing!! I think it's going to be shipped back to amazon tomorrow and I will never look back!
I'm similarly showing "not connected" on my 2535 LIVE this morning. You're the second person to report this on TTF, I think it's an outage of some sort.
My GO 1535 lost its LIVE service last night at approximately 5:30 PM Pacific Time, and it had not returned as of about 7:40 AM this morning. I have seen similar comments today from all over the US, and some people are speculating that it is an issue with AT&T (the provider of the cell phone service for LIVE).

With best wishes,
- Tom -




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