2535M Live versus 1535M Live

Apr 22, 2007
I'm wondering if anyone has tried both of these and can make a comparison.

Thinking of getting one and making a comparison to the Garmin 1695.
It's a nearly identical comparison between the VIA 1535 to a GO 2535 (non-LIVE).

The differences between the 1535LIVE vs the 2535LIVE are the built-in vs easyclick mounting system, resistive vs capacitive screen, SD-slot vs no slot, weaker vs more powerful speaker.

The 1535LIVE has new travel apps, but Tomtom already announced that a similar update should be coming soon to the 2535LIVE.
I agree, mvl broke that down very succinctly and very accurately.

Given the choice, I personally would choose the GO 2535 every time. The mount alone is a good reason: it's almost ideal for my type of usage (where it's safe to leave in the vehicle for months at a time).
Just one more question - the processing speeds are nearly identical? There isn't really much of a difference in price so I guess its the 2535 then.

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