XXL550tm slowness

Dec 26, 2007
I just purchased an xxl550tm and updated the software and maps. When I am driving, the screen only seems to refresh itself every three seconds or so. It doesn't matter if I have a route planned or not. On my old tomtom, it updated at least every second. Is this how this model is supposed to be, or do I have a dud? Everything else runs fine, and when you aren't moving it is as fast as it should be.
By any chance do you have a lot of different POI being displayed on the map? Selecting a lot of POI for display will slow down any of these units. Takes a lot of processor horsepower to keep reviewing the selected lists to see if any of them belong in the current view. If you do have quite a few selected (or if any of them are particularly large), try dropping it down to no more than 3 or 4 and see how that goes.
Yeah, I do have quite a few turned on. I'll give that a shot and try it out on my way home from work. Thanks!

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