XXL550TM and XXL540S traffic problem.

Aug 9, 2011
Here is the story.
4 month ago I bought my new XXL550TM from Best Buy USA and use it in Canada (Toronto area). It came with USB traffic receiver/charger.
From the day 1 it showed green circle only near big cities. But it newer shows the real traffic information.
I can have road blocked or accident ahead and ?No accident on the road? on the screen. :confused:
It does same with my 2 years old XXL540S.
Same receiver works fine with same 5 month old XXL540S.
TomTom sent me another receiver.
Nothing changed for XXL550TM and new XXL540S.
With my old 540S it continuously shows ?retrieving traffic information?. Never see green circle.:(
Latest map and soft.
XXL550TM - Map v870.3420. App 9.161.576155.2, OS 567329
Old XXL540S - Map v870.3420. App 9.136.640817.2, OS 567329.
I did reset. Nothing changed.
Worth a shot........................

1. Make an Explorer, not Home, backup of the 550's contents

2. Copy these files FROM the 540 TO the 550:
a) tmccodes.dat
b) traffic.dat.

(they'll be in the root of the unit).

See if that helps.

Do you have one or two combo rds-tmc antennas/car chargers?

If two, switch them between units and see the results.
They are in USA_Canada_and_Mexico_P directory.
Switching these files between 555TM and old 540S changed nothing.
Later I will try to take files from working unit.
Any other Ideas?
Why do I have App ver. on new one 9.161 and on the old one - 9.136?
Can problem be here? App downloaded from Home as update.
For some reason it gave me 9.136 as only app available.
I copied app 9.161 from new xxl550 and it's back online.

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