XL340 "freezing"

Jul 1, 2010
Recently, my Tom Tom XL340 has, during use, "locked" onto the position of my last stop, and refuses to budge from that position, no matter how far I drive. Re-starting does not help, as it automatically assumes its position from the last stop - only after a half hour or so of being switched off, does it look for new satellites upon resumption, and "find" me again. I have had to deactivate the power saving option of turning off when power is disconnected, and leave the unit on all the time, as this seems to activate the problem.
Any ideas on what might be the cause/solution? Is there a reset button/panel that can be pressed to rebbot the unit to seek new satellite information?


This has happened to me a few times. Depress the on/off button and hold it for 15 to 30 seconds. That resets the unit and seems to fix the problem.

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