I did it! I took the plunge...XL340S on it's way!

Feb 7, 2012
Kingston, JM/Ft Lauderdale, FL
Yes indeed guys!

I finally took the plunge and ordered an XL340S on ebay. I've been waiting for several weeks now for the right moment to strike and I think I did pretty good. I found mine on ebay for $39.99, manufacturer refurbished, original box, charger, usb cable, owner's manual, mounting kit, all with free shipping! The seller has a store and is selling several of them. When I looked at first there were 7, within an hour that dropped to 6. When I woke up this morning (about 5 hours later) that number dropped to 5. I couldn't afford to miss this opportunity so I said screw it and bought it.

So, what does the board say? Did I do good? It'll be used in Florida on a motorcycle. I have already identified the mount I'll be using, but I haven't bought it yet.


I've bought a similar type of mount for my daughter's scooter, but it has a couple of differences.

Firstly, the clamp to fix it to the handlebars (or actually the wing mirror arm in my case) is a saddle pulled tight with two screws rather than a ratchet strap, and secondly, the satnav sits inside a water proof zip-up case, rather than being out in the elements (you do know the XL isn't waterproof?).

You can't see it in this picture, but it has a ball and socket joint and a locking ring just like the one in your link, so it can be adjusted to different angles and the clamp rotated vertical if required.


It's the GPS032 from http://www.arkon.com/tomtom_gps_alternative_mount.php
I was actually thinking of getting one like you have, and it was on my Amazon wishlist for weeks. I know the XL isn't waterproof (which is why I was considering the one like yours) but the one I showed above is going for a better price, has free shipping, comes with an SD card reader, and I think looks way cooler. My concerns regarding the one you chose were
a) I wanted a snug fit for the GPS (the bag-like case looks like it would allow slight movement of the GPS)
b) I wasn't confident that the window area would allow me enough vision to see the screen with sunglasses and visor on and enough dexterity to engage the touchscreen with gloves on.

That aside, how do you rate the GPS purchase?
I've had a change of heart, Andy. I've been mulling over what you said and I think you're right. I think what finally did me in was reading a review of the 340S and the reviewer said that sometimes just adjusting the position of the GPS on the mount resulting in the unit separating from the mount. The Easy Port push on-pull off feature was at fault. I am basically now terrified that the vibration of that single-cylinder engine on Florida roads will be enough to shake the unit loose. I'm gonna order one similar to yours on ebay.

I've never actually used it on the bike (my daughter won't let me have a go on it!), but she manages to see it OK and to use it with her fairly thin gloves.
The mechanism to attach the case to the mount is pretty secure, but if you are worried, they supply an extra brass bolt that will firmly lock the two halves together.
We tend to leave the zip up case on the bike.

To make it "snug" in the case, they supply several foam sheets to go in the back of the case if you need one. Sounds a bit lo-tech, but it would works OK. I don't think we used one in the end for the XL.
I ordered it on ebay and it has already been shipped. Thanks a lot for the nudge to make me rethink what I was doing. My only problem now is that I'm not gonna be in FL to use either it or the XL until May. I'll be sure to let you guys know how it goes. I've already created a custom car icon for it that is a motorcyclist (I'm at work and the icon isn't on my laptop so when I get home I'll post a pic of what it looks like). I'm gonna be making a few other customizations to it as I go along. I'll keep you guys posted.


The XL340S has arrived! Yes indeed folks, I'm now the proud owner. I haven't seen it yet, but I asked my GF to plug it in and turn it on. I listened keenly for the drum roll which I heard. She then reported seeing a screen that asks about language. EXCELLENT! I also got the case/mount and the cigarette lighter adapter for the bike. Oh...unrelated to the TomTom, but a part of my plan, I heard today that the motorcycle I was planning to buy is no longer being sold so today wasn't a totally good one. <sigh> I'm gonna be looking at what is out there...I'm not having any fun with that...
Make an Explorer, not Home, backup of your unit's contents before doing anything else.


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