XL 340S Voice issue (No option to turn it off!)

Oct 27, 2010
TomTom Model(s)
Tomtom One V3, App V8, Aus V8.15. HTC HD2 App V7.4, Aus v8.15 and GPS Sport Tracker v1.7.0
Hello everyone. I am hoping someone can help with a voice issu I have with my XL340s. I wish to turn off the voice while leaving warning tones on, but there is no option to turn off the voice. The unit is a "Factory Refurbished" ex-display unit and I suspect either a) The unit has been personalised and so has "lost" the menu function to turn off the voice, or b)The XL340S never had the function in the first place.

Any ideas (and I would prefer NOT to have to delete the voices if possible), or any directions to the apropriate forum entry to "fix" this?

Thanks in advance.
Hi, I've moved your question to the XL section (the "Hello and introductions" section is really for just that....)

Some TomTom models have a menu option to "Turn of voice guidance". Others just have an overall "Turn off sound". I believe your model comes into the second category.

If that is the case, you need to install a "Silent" navigation voice. You then use the "Switch voice" menu function to switch to that voice when you want to mute the navigation instructions only.

A suitable silent voice can be downloaded from

Silent Voice for TomTom

Download all three files, and you should end up with:

Using Windows Explorer, copy all three files into the "voices" folder on the TomTom.
You then need to select that voice in the Voice Preferences menu.

If you need any help, or I've not made something thing clear, just ask.

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