Which unit fits a Kuga

Feb 17, 2010
TomTom Model(s)
Go live 1000
Hi all

Its time I upgraded my tomtom live for a newer model as its getting on for 4 years old :thumb:

So I was looking around at the intergrated multimedia units and see that TomTom offer the Sony XNV Series LIVE as the only built-in device with TomTom navigation

As there are several other makes out there is this the ONLY one with TomTom installed:(

Thanks in advance
I suggest you consider the total cost of ownership over the life of the product. None of those built-in solutions appears to offer the Free Lifetime Maps that is now available with many of TomTom's dedicated SatNav models.
And if you check any Mazda oriented forums, you'll see that Mazda has 'forced' TomTom to tweak the application such that only essential menus are shown when driving.

TomTom's Discussion forums are full of irate users blaming TomTom but it was Mazda's responsibility.
The XNV has LIVE but only in Europe. And it is a 2010 model so it is missing many modern features.

You can also get a Galaxy S3/Note 2 or an Xperia Z/ZL phone and buy the Tomtom for Android app, and use a Mirrorlink head unit (like the Sony XAV701HD) to relay the app to your indash screen.

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