Where are the POIs I added last week?

Jun 29, 2010
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
TomTom Model(s)
VIA 1535M
It's not the second or third time that I add a hotel and two new shopping centers to my POIs and they just disappear. I remember I last added them on November 18.
What's happening?
That shouldn't have affected things.

When you look at the contents of your unit using Explorer, do you see the custom ov2 files residing within the specific map folder?

And when you go on your unit: Manage pois-->Add to map, are these listed & checked???
The ov2 files in the map folder are the radar and traffic cameras I download at maparadar.com, and these are the ones listed and checked at Manage pois-->Add to map.

This is how I add the POI... Browse map --> Find --> Address... I enter the address... --> Press the blue button --> Correct location --> Add missing POI... then I select the category Hotel/motel --> Done.

If I go to Navegate to --> Point of Interest... and type in the name of the hotel, it's there. In a week or two it will have disappered.
So you are actually doing a MapShare correction for a BUILT-IN poi category, rather than adding your own user-POIs That's significant....
(It also means you won't see them as .ov2 files in the map folder).

It looks like your Mapshare corrections are being deleted when you upload them, but so far I haven't thought of a reason why this might be happening....

When you next do a MapShare update, can you check to see if your new hotel vanishes immediately after you get the corrections?

And can you then try it next time with the option to UPload your corrections un-ticked?

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