What have I bought?

Dec 12, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
TomTom XL 250 TomTom One
Guys, bought a used TT XL 250 the other day, and wondered about the software. So far all I did was back it up. Unit ID: 4ET03 ( 4ET0.002.03 )
Eventually, I'm looking at the hack to enable better speed alerts and auto switching off and on. Better not mention where that is.
Anyway my unit is as follows:
Device AK5ZE AJD8A
App 9.465.1074274.2 OS 842337
(2025, 27/9/2012)
64Mb RAM (free: 25.3 MB)
GPS v1.20 BOOT 5.5282
NF Mark NF 469-12/29, 12/30, 12/34 to 12 12/42
MAP: "Australia" V885.4021
Language: UK English

Wondered what can be found out about it? Thks. :cool::cool:
Any discussion concerning hacked software of the application, maps or anything else is not appropriate in this forum.

Okay. Can you show me how to edit my post, or, if that's not possible, can you please delete it. Thanks.
BTW I did read the Forum rules and thought I was okay.
It's OK as far as it went (right up to the edge). dhn was just warning, I think, that it should not go further.

As to what you bought ... you have a reasonably competent little device with maps that are about 9 months old (not too bad). The software on it is current.

It's an IQRoutes2 device, so it has a couple less features than some other units. Without the first two characters of the serial number, I can't tell you if it has 1GB or 2GB of internal memory. It should text to speech and a 'computer' voice enabled that accomplishes that (spoken street names).
Thanks Canderson. I want to keep within the boudaries for sure.
Not knowing much about the various software configurations I was unsure whether this was a h*cked system I had got hold of, or one that appeared to have been legitimally upgraded. I am perfectly happy to use it as it is. And I am yet to test it fully in the vehicle. I am trying to get to spoken speed alerts like on the old TT One. Whether that is possible or not with the XL remains for me to find out. Of course the hardware is capable of it, it's just that *nice* features are turned off on the cheaper models.
Thanks again.

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