How to send (bought voice) to someone else

Mar 15, 2010
TomTom Model(s)
GO 920
I like to send a voice to my sister, but have no clue how to. I have the three files bitmap, chk and vif, but how do I send them to another computer illiterate person.


Assuming this is not a commercial (purchased) voice, how about zipping them into one file and sending the zipped file as an attachment to an email.

Tell your sister to extract the compressed files (not the zip file itself) to the voices folder on her unit.
I zipped the file and send it to myself to check. In attached pic it shows the files to be extracted. Does she have to enter the files one by one in the voices file of her gps? (see attachment)
Sorry, my pc skills are near zero capabilities.


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Once she receives the zipped file, she can save it somewhere (desktop, maybe).

Then highlight the zipped file and right click. There should be an option to extract files to. If she has her unit attached to the computer, Windows will assign her unit as a removable drive and give it a letter (like F:\ for example but not necessarily that letter).

So, she can highlight the file, right click, extract files TO, and browse to F:\voices\


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