TomTom Home and Route Planner "Send to device"

May 18, 2013
New Jersey, USA
TomTom Model(s)
Hi all,

So I have TomTom Home 2.9 running on a Win 7 Pro 64 desktop.

When UI use Route Planner and select a location and choose "Send to Device" it gives me the Opening TomTom Homescreen for a few seconds and then TomTom Home comes to the front but that's it. As far as I can tell it does not actually send the locatoin to the device.

Perhaps I'm not looking in the right place? Any insights on this issue would be appreciated.
Perhaps there is something HERE which might help.

The TomTom website Route Planner has the option of "Send Location" to your TomTom and from there you can save it as a Favorite and then navigate to it. I don't think Route Planner actually lets you save a route from beginning to end; that's why you won't find it within your TomTom ITN folder.

After you choose "send to device" do you not see a pop-up screen "Open Address. What do you want to do with the address?" with 3 options: 1) Show 2) Navigate to (via your TomTom emulator) 3) Add to Favorites . . . ?
Apparently, it works with internet explorer and chrome. I was attempting to use firefox and that seems to be the issue. Firefox gets as far as the "Starting TomTom Home screen, starts TomTom Home, and then apparently craps out.
+1 It seems to be broken from Firefox, but works with Chrome.

When I try to send a location from FF, Home does open but I get a pop-up window saying "An error has occurred - Malformed URI Sequence (whatever one of those is)
Needless to say, the link to TT's website for "further support on TomTom errors" is no help at all.

If anyone else cares to try it, the quickest way to generate a location to send to the device is to right click anywhere on the map on the TomTom Routes webpage and choose "send to TomTom" from the menu that appears.
Well, as it works properly in both IE and Chrome, this would seem to be more of a FF issue than TT.

TT's poor custuct serv aside, this issue is probably better addressed by the FF developers.
Well, as it works properly in both IE and Chrome, this would seem to be more of a FF issue than TT.
Sounds like the olden days when routes (?) from Google maps could be sent directly to the device, bypassing HOME. But it only worked with IE, not Firefox.
Because of that and my ISP playing dumb unless they could duplicate browser problems with IE, I kept it around.

I'm no computerhead but have been told by knowledgeable friends that IE and Chrome are of the same ilk, vs. the rest of the browser world.

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