TomTom V3 LE routes from wrong home location

Dec 19, 2007
Greeting one and all. I have a problem which I have not gotten an answer back from TomTom support.

My home is on the south-bound side of a north-south road. It has a physical barrier that divides the N/S lanes. When I plan a route using "navigate to" using my home as the starting point, or us "prepare route" using my home as a starting point, it aways charts a route showing I have to start on the other side of the road, the north bound side. Which I cannot do since there is a barrier in the middle of the road.

Also, in the 3D and 2D view it shows my home location on the north-bound side of the road, which is incorrect. When I do a "find" for my address it shows it correctly as on the south-bound side. When I do the route planning I have 8 satellites showing navigation lock.

The only way I can get my home location to show correctly as being on the south-bound side of the road is switching it to "walking route"

Any idea what's going on and how to fix this?


Try adjusting your home position by modifying the lat/long coordinates or simply stand by your garage/driveway with you device and modify by selecting My location. If your device is running OS7.x then use Map correction option to mark that road as blocked.
whoops sorry! It wasn't exactly clear to me, I figured there are questions about the navigation software part of TT and the hardware part of it. But thanks for the info!


I had this problem, all i did was change the Home location to 'my current gps position' that way it is not taking you to a road as such but the place where you saved it

I changed mine, never caused an issue again



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