Google "Send To" option

Feb 20, 2011
Is google no longer supporting TomTom on their google map service? Can anyone give an answer as to why?
Google and Tomtom are no longer partners. For example, Tomtom LIVE models no longer use Google Search.
I knew TT had stopped using Google Local Search on their devices, but I hadn't realised that the split had affected the "send to..." feature in Google too.

I just ahd a look and sure enough you can now only "send to.." these brands:

Seems a bit petty if they've done that out of spite?
Google is still miffed that Teleatlas got the contract for the maps for the iPhone.
Google is still miffed that Teleatlas got the contract for the maps for the iPhone.
For those who are not already aware of it, TeleAtlas has been a division of TomTom since TomTom bought them several years ago.

With best wishes,
- Tom -
Actually, it did. The primary problems Apple faced were with their application and the poor quality POI set that they supplied for themselves. The maps were no better or worse that what you and I and everyone else sees all the time.
I think the boundaries between "the application" and "the map" are now pretty blurred.
Obviously no basic map is likely to put whole cities in completely the wrong places, but I think it's still fair to call that a "map error"!
Not really, Andy, do you think? If the map is supplied by Teleatlas, and the application and POI set are supplied by Apple, one has to look at who has to fix whatever problems were occurring, and most of if fell back on Apple, not Teleatlas. I'm sure many of the users didn't feel that way, assuming that Apple was invincible, but ...
Does anyone know of a way around the "send to TomTom" feature? Or is there anyway I can enter map co-ordiates onto my XL. I used to be able to do it on my old 910 but can't find it anywhere on my XL.
Is it actually an XL"2" with the simplified menus that you have?

I ask because my "XL LIVE IQ Routes edition" does have Navigate to Lat/Long coordinates.

It's on Navigate to... / Forward Arrow / Latitude Longitude

If you can find that, then in Google maps you can either use the "Link" button to get the co-ords of the centre of the screen, or if you click on the "Map labs" link at the bottom you can install an add-on which allows you to right-click and drop a Lat/Long marker anywhere on the map.
Or having found your special spot on the map, you can just right click and select "What's Here" and the coordinates are displayed in the search box.

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