New XXL540 can't send GPS to device in Google or use Operate My Device

Feb 18, 2011
Murphy, NC, USA
TomTom Model(s)
in the Home software -I get this error:
"This functionality is not yet supported for your combination of your navigation device, devices application version and your computers operating system"
My application version is 9.061.576030.2 OS is 567329 (1034 9/15/2010)
Using Windows 7 and Home2 version
Does the XXL540 support this feature?
Also, how do I read a text document on this device?
Thanks in advance. :confused:
Not sure it'll help but try running Home in XP compatible mode.

The 540 model does not include a document reader facility.
To fix the ""This functionality is not yet supported for your combination of your navigation device, devices application version and your computers operating system" error, see here.
Your fix made my TomTom unusable. I got a red screen which said the map I have currently loaded is incompatible with the device and I could not even connect the TomTom to the PC. I reset the device and am now restoring from my backup. I have the latest 865 map which I just installed the other day.
Here's my info:
Model is XXL 540?TM bought at
1. apps = 9.061.576030.2
2. Bootloader= 567329 (1034 9/15/2010)
3. Map= USA_Canada_and_Mexico_P CurrentMapVersion=865.3254
4. First 2 letters of serial = RZ
5. Tomtom home version 2.8.2146 6. tested on both Win7 32bits and Win7 64bits
Any other ideas?
TomTom tech support wants me to call them and troubleshoot over the phone but I don't think they know what they are doing and it would be a waste of time...should I bother??
Sure would like to get the "send to GPS" in Google Maps to work at least.
It may be a new issue with map 865, Tomtom is increasing their map anti-piracy efforts and this unofficial workaround may have been broken in the process.

dhn, can you try the GO740 app on your 540WTE with 865? And (if you have the time) map 860? Maybe it can definitively prove a map-related issue.
Okay, installed the 740 (9.058) app on the unit. No seemingly harmful effects (phew! ;) ).

Could plan a route and the app allowed the switching to my Europe_West 865 map.

Remember, I have the NA_2GB map (865) installed. Not the 'p' version and not USA_Canada_Mexico
Okay, I'll try again. I just copied over the files using Beyond Compare and did not know I was supposed to delete all the root files (except for folders).
I will use my 7zip and unzip right to the device.
Nope, did not work. Get a red screen that says: "Problem with map You cannot use this map on this device: USA_Canada_and_Mexico_P-303

Will have to restore again. :(
Now I can't even reset it. Do you hold the button down through the drum roll or release it as soon as you hear the drum roll?
I just keep getting the red screen saying I have the wrong map and it doesn't reset the device.
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Once you hear the drum roll, you should let go. That sound is a sign the unit has reset.

I think the problem is I have the NA map on my unit and the 740 app doesn't mind that but you have the USA_Canada_Mexico map and the 740 app doesn't seem to play nicely with that.

Anyway, wait for mvl to participate in this thread again.....
You need to plug in the Tomtom prior to holding the reset button.

The only other thing that has been known to help the "problem with map" issue is the clearflash program.

You can download it from here, and run it 3 times. It should not impact your settings in any way.
After many, many tries, I finally got the soft reset to work...yes, it seemed to suddenly work when I did the reset while being plugged into the computer via the USB. Whew!
Thank you for going beyond the call of duty and trying that out! You are a braver man than I am, Gunga Din. (heh, one of my favorite poems and one of my favorite writers - Rudyard Kipling)
And mvl, thanks for trying to help. :)
I will call support tomorrow and ask about this problem.
Talked to Beth at TomTom tech support this morning and she says that the problems with Operate XXL stem from a software error that they are trying to fix. She claims that it may be fixed as soon as the end of this week. Heh, heh, right. Oh, I should not be such a cynic as to believe this may not happen. ;)
It wouldn't matter to me except the "Send to GPS" feature in Google Maps is linked to its working and that is such a GREAT looks like it is, anyway.
When you are in Google Maps you just click on the pin of your location and click on "more", choose "Send to" and then choose GPS on the left side of that box; choose TomTom as your device in the dropdown box and it sends that location to your TomTom.
It looks great in theory, anyway. :)

That help file is a DISASTER!

Delete the folder listed below, based on your operating system:
Windows Vista: *C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\ -- > Delete the folder TomTom
*C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\ --> Delete the folder TomTom
C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Documents\ --> Delete the folder Download
Windows XP: *C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ --> Delete the folder TomTom
*C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Application Data\ --> Delete the folder TomTom
C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\My Documents\ --> Delete the folder Download

Unless I'm reading it wrong, it is suggesting that users delete a folder called "Downloads" in their "My Documents" folder. That's nothing to do with TomTom and if I did that I would lose dozens of vital downloads!

They surely mean (for XP) C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Downloads\

(for Vista/Win7) C:\Users\username\Documents\TomTom\HOME\Downloads\

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