Google Maps "Send" Overwrites Favorites File?

Apr 8, 2010
When I select a location on Google Maps and send that location to my ONE XL attached to TTHome, the new name and coordinates are stored as a Favorite. If I add serveral locations from Google maps in this manner, they are all stored as favorites.

However, when I disconnect my ONE XL from TThome; it appears that TTHome overwrites the old Favorites file (MapSettings.cfg) on my ONE XL with a newer version which has ONLY the newly added favorites from Google Maps. Thus, I'm loosing all of my old favorites each time I add a new favorite from Google Maps.

Has anyone found a way to fix this bug, or a work-around?
Here's a suggestion. Take a look at the second post (the one by me) and the third post (the one by Mikealder) lin this thread to convert your existing favourites to an ov2 file. Then do the same with the one's in Google (adding to your favourites ov2 file.)
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Thanks, dhn. Link seems to be broken for me. I'll try again later. Please re-post link.

I do agree converting to ov2 is a better and more flexible long-term solutions for POIs that I want to keep on my GPS. I'm just curious about why TTHome seems to over-write new favorites and erases the old ones when "sending" locations from Google Maps. I've re-loaded TTHome and don't see this mentioned elsewhere in the forum - so I'm guessing others are NOT having this problem.

Thanks for any suggestions.
tomtom LIVE

I have a somewhat off topic but kinda on topic question.

I have a tomtom 340xl-s with live services. I can google stuff on the tomtom.

I can google stuff on google maps, and google maps has a send to GPS feature. When i attempt to send to gps, it tells me that I need tomtom home installed to i guess transfer the POI to my tomtom. If my tomtom is online through LIVE services, why cant it just send to GPS over LIVE?

Am I thinking too progressively?

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